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Our experienced Psychologists develop tailored plans to each child’s specific needs, incorporating strategies to enhance social skills, emotional regulation, communication, and self-esteem.  

What does a Psychologist do?

Psychologists assess and evaluate your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development.
They identify strengths and areas where your child may benefit from additional support.

Psychologists can support your child with:

  • Processing events or circumstances in their lives;
  • Building skills to support their emotional regulation;
  • Building an understanding of their emotions;
  • Building their confidence and self-esteem; and
  • Developing social skills.

Psychologists can support you with:

  • Creating strategies to positively manage behaviour;
  • Building skills to support your child’s emotional and social development; and;
  • Providing information to better understand your child’s diagnosis and treatment.

The Koorana Psychology Team

The Koorana Psychology team can work closely with parents and caregivers providing them with guidance, resources, and support.

Our psychologists collaborate with our broader team of professionals, such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, behaviour support practitioners, physiotherapists, early childhood specialists, and your Key Worker (if applicable) to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to supporting your child. They participate in team-around-the-child meetings and meetings with you to discuss progress, share insights, and coordinate therapeutic interventions.

Knowledge and Experience

We have a diverse team of practitioners, with a wide range of skills and experience. Our team have experience working with a broad range of children, both typically developing and neuro-divergent, aged from 0 – 18 years.

Our psychologists will develop an individualised plan in consultation with you, which will:

  • Consider your family’s unique needs;
  • Set up specific goals and strategies to address areas of concern, and;
  • Monitor and follow your child’s progress.

Koorana works under the Best-Practice guidelines

  •  Koorana adopts a family-centred and strengths-based approach: Services and supports are based on the family’s needs and choices and utilise the existing strengths of a child.
  • Koorana works in natural settings. Our team engages with children and their supports wherever it is most appropriate: at home, preschool, school or elsewhere in the community.
  • Transdisciplinary team – Koorana works under the principle of a “team-around-the-child”, ensuring that your child’s therapists meet together to create the strategy and plan.
  • If your child is accessing early intervention services, you will be assigned a Key Worker within your team. The Key Worker will be your main point of contact and can assist you to coordinate all your services and supports and help empower you to confidently navigate the service system.
  • Koorana therapists follow the principles of Evidence-Based Practice: Our experienced team use intervention strategies that are supported by quality research and are based on the latest evidence.

Flexibility and Choice

We offer a range of settings/styles to best suit your personal needs.

Koorana Mobile Team:

The practitioner comes to you or your child – our team is mobile and can meet your child in their natural settings e.g., home, school, preschool, early learning centre.

Koorana Online:

We can provide fun and engaging intervention delivered online from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you and your family.

Koorana Clinics:

We have offices in Belmore and Miranda and can work in these settings if this suits your family best.

We offer a range of flexible service payment options including:

• NDIS funded services
• Medicare rebates
• Private Health fund rebates
• Fee-for-service

Koorana Child & Family Services