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Key Worker

Koorana employs a range of key workers who will be the link that interacts between your child, your family and our expert therapy team to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. Our key workers are experienced professionals that will work with your child and your family to reach your goals. 

What is a key worker?

A key worker is a professional with expertise in child development and experience in supporting families. They are the link between your family and the support team working with your child. The key worker will often come from the area that you would like to focus on from an intervention perspective. They could come from a variety of backgrounds such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Specialist Teaching, Psychology or Physiotherapy. 

How will the key worker support my family and child?

Your key worker’s role is to learn about your family’s strengths, dreams and priorities, daily routines, experiences and people that are important in your child’s life. These understandings help your key worker, supported by the transdisciplinary team, to work in partnership with your family to help you achieve your goals. 

What is a transdisciplinary team?

A transdisciplinary team is a group of people that support your child with a range of  therapeutic supports and interventions to help you child reach their goals and aspirations.

What will visits from my key worker look like?

Visits look different and vary in frequency for every family because it is important for us to provide information and support in an individualised and flexible way. Your key worker will be guided by your family’s priorities and goals.

Your key worker can:

  • Visit places that are important in your child’s life such as your home, early childhood centres or schools;
  • Explore ways to help your child maximise their potential and take part in everyday life;
  • Support your family to connect with social supports and other services in your community; and
  • Create a plan with you at the end of each visit focusing on ways to further support your child’s learning.

Why do we work this way?

We work this way because transdisciplinary practice is regarded as best practice in early intervention services.

The key worker is chosen based on what will best suit your child’s needs. They are the primary contact and support, which allows families to build strong and trusting relationships with Koorana.

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