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What We Do

Koorana provides diverse services to give you the skills and support your family needs for your children to happily and confidently learn, make friends and reach their potential.

What Koorana does

Koorana is a purpose-driven and community-owned non-profit organisation, that was established over 43 years ago. We provide a variety of preschool and early education supports, as well as disability services for children across the Inner West, South West, South East and Southern areas of Sydney.

Who we help

Children of all abilities icon
Children of all abilities​
Families from all cultures icon
Families from all cultures
Interpreters available for your use icon
Interpreters available for your use
Siblings of children with additional needs icon
Siblings of Children with additional needs
People with English as a Second Language icon
People with English as a second language

Our Vision

Our vision is for children and their families to have supportive connections, discover possibilities and participate to their full potential in all aspects of family and community life.

Our Mission

We create and support learning and social opportunities in caring environments for all children and young people in our areas of operation.

Core values

Self determination icon
Self Determination
Access and Equity icon
Access and Equity​
Respect icon
Collaboration icon
Ethics and Integrity icon
Ethics and Integrity
Sustainability icon
Koorana Child & Family Services