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Our experienced Physiotherapists work with families and children improving children’s function and mobility supporting them to access and interact with their environment.

What does a Physiotherapist do?

Physiotherapists assess and diagnose movement disorders, developing and implementing strategies to facilitate motor skill development and promote functional movement. Physiotherapists can support your child if they experience difficulties with:

  • Early milestones such as rolling, sitting, and crawling;
  • Later milestones such as walking, running, and jumping;
  • High or low muscle tone;
  • Muscle weakness or tightness;
  • Joint alignment and movement patterns;
  • Clumsiness;
  • Toe walking;
  • Ball skills;
  • Falls; and
  • Accessing certain environments.

The Koorana Physiotherapy Team

The Koorana Physiotherapy team can work closely with you to develop an individualised
plan which will enable you to:

  • Understand your child’s movement, motor development and body function;
  • Understand your child’s strengths and identify opportunities of further development;
  • Implement small changes to everyday routines that facilitate development; and
  • Provide further opportunities for gross motor development through play-based exercise.

Knowledge and Experience 

We have a diverse team of practitioners, with a wide range of skills and experience. Our team have experience working with a broad range of children, both typically developing and neuro-divergent, aged from 0 – 18 years.

Our team of Physiotherapists can support your child to:

  • Identify and access inclusive or mainstream sporting groups;
  • Learn and master gross motor skills such as walking, jumping, and riding a bike;
  • Maintain their safety and decrease the risk of injury;
  • Enjoy physical activity and good health;
  • Access assistive technology such as standing frames, walking frames, wheelchairs or orthoses and splints; and
  • Manage degenerative conditions and muscle and joint changes that may accompany them.

Flexibility and Choice

We offer a range of settings/styles to best suit your personal needs.

Koorana Transdisciplinary Team:
If your child is accessing Early Intervention services, they can access a Key Worker within their team. The Key Worker will be your main point of contact and can assist you to coordinate all your services and supports and help empower you to confidently navigate the service system.

Koorana Mobile Team:
The practitioner comes to you or your child – our team is mobile and can meet your child in their natural settings e.g., home, school, preschool, early learning centre.

Koorana Online:
We can provide fun and engaging intervention delivered online from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you and your family.

Koorana Clinics:
We have offices in Belmore and Miranda and can work in these settings if this suits your family best.

We offer a range of flexible service payment options including:

  • NDIS funded services
  • Medicare rebate
  • Private paying clients

To find out more contact Koorana Child & Family Services on 1300 566 726, or contact us here.

Koorana Child & Family Services