Start Strong Pathways

Koorana Child & Family Services provides learning opportunities for children and their families across Sydney.  Start Strong Pathways works in communities to build awareness about early childhood supports, development and education. 

What is Start Strong Pathways?

The goal of the program is to provide a range of accessible activities in order to build awareness in the community about the importance of early childhood education and development. 

Who is it for?

Start Strong Pathways aims to engage communities and families with children aged 0 – 5 years and focusing on children 0-3 years of age living in the Campsie, Wiley Park and Lakemba areas.

What does a Start Strong Pathway look like?

Start Strong Pathways aims to provide families with information about:

  • Age appropriate play activities to promote learning;
  • A supported and fun environment where children can play alongside other children of a similar age;
  • Opportunities to learn about children’s development and how to support their learning through everyday routines and activities;
  • Connections with early childhood education providers;
  • Appropriate individual supports to access preschool when ready;
  • Connections for building social networks; and
  • Referrals and access to intervention and therapeutic supports if required.

The program is staffed by an experienced Early Childhood Teacher and Family Support Worker. It will be delivered through:

  • Supported play groups with a focus on the importance of early childhood education;
  • Parent workshops;
  • Information sessions; and
  • Home visits.

Where does Start Strong Pathways take place?

Locations vary as information sessions at parks and shopping malls, home visits if required etc.

How long does it go for?

Programs usually take up to 14 weeks but can change depending on the program.

What if I do not speak English?

Interpreters can be made available if required. Please ask us for more information.

What is the cost of Start Strong Pathways?

Start Strong Pathways is a FREE program that is funded by the Department of Education and Training.

To find out more contact Koorana Child & Family Services on (02) 8321 9600, or contact us here.


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