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In Memoriam: Honouring Jerry McNamara’s Vision and Contributions

It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to Jerry McNamara, a cherished and former member of Koorana’s board and a firm advocate for the rights and wellbeing of the most vulnerable in our community. Jerry’s impact on Koorana and his dedicated service will forever remain a cornerstone of our values and mission.

“Jerry McNamara’s journey with Koorana commenced in 2004”

Jerry McNamara’s journey with Koorana commenced in 2004, bringing with him a wealth of experience garnered through his role as the CEO of FRANS, a disability-specific agency specialising in respite and recreation. With an illustrious career spanning over 34 years in both not-for-profit and for-profit agencies, Jerry’s influence was marked by his continuous commitment to advocating for human rights and social justice.

His expertise in marketing and advocacy was unparalleled, and his dedication was the guiding force behind his endeavours. Jerry’s belief in the transformative power of collaboration led him to Koorana, drawn by the shared values exemplified by Vicki Battisti during her tenure on the FRANS Board.

During his tenure on Koorana’s board from 2004 until 2018, Jerry McNamara left an indelible mark. His visionary leadership and deep-rooted passion for creating an inclusive society reverberated throughout our organisation. He brought to the table a unique perspective, fostering innovative strategies that aimed to empower and support those in need.

Jerry’s legacy at Koorana represents the spirit of partnership and mutual benefit. His insights, guidance, and dedication significantly contributed to the growth and success of our initiatives. His impact will continue to shape our approach, serving as inspiration as we strive to fulfill our commitment to serving the community.

While we mourn his loss, we honour Jerry McNamara’s invaluable contributions to Koorana and the lives he touched. His legacy will endure in the continued pursuit of creating a more equitable, inclusive, and compassionate society for all.

In loving memory of Jerry McNamara, a visionary leader, advocate, and cherished member of the Koorana family.

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