Speech Therapy

Koorana Child & Family Services team provides speech therapy opportunities for children and their families to develop and further their communication skills. 

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy aims to boost your child’s communication skills and lays the foundation for full participation in education, social and family life.

Koorana’s experienced speech pathologists can support your child to advance their speech, language and non-verbal communication skills as well as addressing challenges they may be experiencing with eating or drinking. 

Who is it for?

Speech Therapy is for any child who may benefit from a therapy program that will promote their ability to communicate their needs effectively in order to participate fully in community life.

What does a Speech Therapy program look like?

Koorana’s team of experienced speech pathologists will work together with you to identify goals and strategies to help your child reach their full communication potential. They will also support you to continue developing your child’s communication skills in their everyday activities.

Our team will help your child to:

  • Communicate in an intentional way, using sounds, words gestures and signs, so they can have enjoyable interactions with others in and out of the home;
  • Develop language skills to facilitate life-long learning and educational achievement;
  • Learn social skills such as sharing and taking turns so they can make friends and engage in play with other children;
  • Reduce stuttering and help your child speak fluently; and
  • Address difficulties with eating or swallowing.

Where does Speech Therapy take place? 

For speech therapy to be most effective, it is best practice to carry out interventions in a child or young person’s natural environment. Koorana has a mobile team of therapists who will meet you at a location of your preference including at home, school or any other setting that is meaningful in your child’s life.

Some interventions may also be delivered at your local Koorana centre.

Our team will work closely with you to establish a location that best suits your needs.

How long does speech Speech Therapy go for? 

Individual sessions run for 30-45 minutes. The total number of speech therapy sessions varies with each child and depends on individual goals and therapeutic needs. Our team will talk to you to discuss the most appropriate course of action for your child.

What if I do not speak English?

We can arrange for an interpreter as per your needs.

Do I need a referral to access Speech Therapy?

No, you do not need a referral from your GP to access Koorana’s services. However, if you wish to access Medicare funding, you will need to see your GP to check your eligibility and to obtain a treatment plan.

What is the cost of Speech Therapy?

Prices are set according to the NDIS price guide. For NDIS participants with therapy funding, the cost of Speech Therapy will be met entirely by your NDIS plan. Medicare rebates cover a percentage of treatment costs, as do private health funds where these include allied health services coverage. Please contact us to discuss the best funding option for you.

To find out more contact Koorana Child & Family Services on 1300 566 726, or contact us here.

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