All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

2017 Welcoming the Babies with Dr Mike Freelander MP

What a joy it was to spend our Tuesday morning in a room bursting with beautiful bubs!

Dr Mike Freelander MP hosted the 2017 Welcoming the Babies event this morning at Oran Park Town. Newborns and toddlers were cradled in the arms of attentive mums and dads as they gathered to recognise the best part of 2017 – the arrival of quite a few new human beings to the Oran Park area. Those who attended, no doubt left feeling incredibly inspired by the passionate words of Dr Freelander, as he spoke about his mission to make lives better for families and children in the Macarthur area. With a strong focus on education and family support, he wanted all mums and dads to know that although parenting can seem impossible at times, they are not alone. There is plenty of help in their surrounding community.

The Koorana Child and Family Services team look forward to connecting with the Macarthur community, families and children, at a greater capacity in the future.

To find out more about Dr Mike Freelander MP you can visit his website here.