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SIBs Club

Koorana’s SIBs Club is a recreational program for children aged 7-12 years who have a sibling with a disability and/or developmental delay. It provides children with a variety of experiences and gives them the opportunity to meet other children who share a similar lived experience.

About us

We organise activities though the year, giving kids a chance to have fun with games and activities.

Attending SIBs activities, your children will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the unique challenges of having a sibling with a disability;
  • Engage in fun activities in a safe space;
  • Make new friends; and
  • Develop confidence in their unique contribution to family life.

If you need more information about Koorana Child & Family Services Supported Playgroups, please contact us on 1300 566 726, or contact us here.

Please join our free program that supports children who, aged 7-12 years, have a sibling with a disability. 

WHEN & WHERE: The SIBs Club meets in Belmore during each school term. We also run an Annual Camp and various excursions during the school holiday. 

COST: SIBs CLUB IS FREE. Additional costs apply for school holiday excursions and the Annual SIBs Camp.

The SIBs Club provides children with varied and different experiences, as well as giving them the opportunity to meet other children who share a similar experience.

Koorana’s experienced family worker and educator support children to understand the feelings associated with having a sibling with additional needs. SIBs Club helps children to develop coping strategies as well as learning life skills.

Term One: Meet the group and talk about how to recognise bullying behaviours and learn various anti bullying strategies. 

Term Two: Become your own master chef by participating in our SIBs cooking club! Cook in a real commercial kitchen with a real chef and discover how to make lots of great meals with one ingredient in many ways.  

*Places are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment. This course is run in partnership with Canterbury League Club.

Term Three: Discover the benefit of regular exercise on the mind and body by joining our SIBs tennis club. Our weekly tennis club combines the fun of tennis with tips about how to use exercise to help manage stress or anxiety. 

Term Four: Explore the ways that creativity such as art, music, dance or drama can be used to help explore and understand our feelings, as well as the feelings of others.

Koorana Child & Family Services