All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

Who is it for?

Service Transition Support is a support service for families who have a child aged 0- 18 in Inner West Sydney, or 0-8 in South West Sydney with a diagnosis of a disability or developmental delay and want to be connected to services and supports. It is also available for families with a child under 6 who is at risk of developmental delay.


Your Support Coordinator will help you

Find out about funding, therapy, respite and other support options available to your child and family.

Understand the service system and how to access services yourself.

Make a support plan based on your family’s areas of need and strengths.

Implement the plan with your family, working with services your family currently uses and linking your family to other appropriate services.

Where does it happen?

Your support coordinator can visit you in your home or another location, talk to you on the phone or communicate with you by email. They will also attend meetings or appointments with you if needed.

How long does it go for?­

The length of the service is dependent on the needs of your family. Families typically participate in Service and Transition Support for 9-18 months.

What if I do not speak English?

Your support coordinator can arrange for an interpreter if you need.