All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

Who is it for?

Speech Therapy is for any child who may benefit from a therapy program that will promote their ability to communicate their needs effectively in order to participate fully in community life.

A Koorana Speech Pathologist will help your child to

Communicate in an intentional way, using sounds, words, gestures and signs, so they can have enjoyable interactions with others in and out of the home.

Improve social skills, such as sharing and turn taking, so they can make friends and engage in play with other children.

Develop language skills that will improve their learning and education, and reduce stuttering.

Address difficulties with eating or swallowing.

Where does it happen?

Speech Pathology happens either at a Koorana centre or in the home, classroom or other community setting.

How long does it go for?­

How long the speech pathologist is involved with you and your child varies for each child. For some it may only be for a few sessions, for others it could be for several months. Individual sessions run for 45 minutes.

What if I do not speak English?

Your worker can arrange for an interpreter if you need.

What does it cost?

On-site therapy session (at a Koorana centre) $135.

Off-site therapy session (e.g. at your home, in your child’s classroom) $170.

If you are eligible, Koorana can claim on your behalf for Helping Children with Autism, Better Start, Medicare and private health insurer claims.