All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

Margaret O'Dea

Koorana Team Leader Family Worker

‘Some families really struggle, and not through any fault of their own. They need direction with education and require information to assist them to make decisions regarding issues that affect them. Everybody has an equal right to an education and a sense of community belonging.

I have spent many years in community welfare and early education. I genuinely enjoy working with children and assisting with the needs of their family. The programs we provide, through playgroup, are designed to empower families and increase participation and connection with their local community.

Joining playgroup has many benefits, and being in a park environment offers a non-threatening soft entry point for parents and children to meet other people in their community. It’s a great place for mums and dads to ask questions about health, wellbeing and development. By providing professional support and information to our playgroup families, we know we are helping them feel more confident about making important decisions.’’

Margaret O’Dea
Koorana Child and Family Services Team Leader Family Worker