All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

Lee Taylor

Koorana Early Childhood Educator

‘When my child was diagnosed with a mild learning disability, our world became something entirely new. Visits with Learning Links, Doctors and Specialists became a normal part of our life and opened my eyes to the incredible services available in the disability sector. This was a key reason why I became an Early Childhood Educator.

Recently at playgroup, three children popped in to visit us at Terry Lamb Reserve. The children are now school age, however, their parents, who now have younger children attending the Koorana playgroup, brought them back to say hello. It was such a wonderful moment seeing how these three children had progressed. From the small six-month-old babies we once supported at playgroup, to now proudly boasting their Year 3 big person badge. Moments like this are one of the many benefits of being an Early Childhood Educator – you are a part of the first years for many children and families.

If there is one key message I would provide to parents and carers, it would be to reinforce the importance of free imaginary play. Support your child as they lead the play environment and give them the opportunity to direct their own play.’’

Lee Taylor

Koorana Child and Family Services Early Childhood Educator