All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

Caitlin High

Koorana ECEI Inner West Coordinator

''I grew up in a big family, lots of siblings and cousins. I have always enjoyed being around children. In my third year University placement I was placed into a preschool that had several children with additional needs, I enjoyed connecting with the children and their families.I found it really rewarding and knew I wanted to be a part of that journey, helping children and their families work towards goals. After completing university, I went on to work at a community child care centre and then a school for children with autism.

Everyone is unique and different, regardless of additional needs. We all deserve to have the same opportunities and be treated as equals. When I first came to work at Koorana as a Keyworker, I knew it was a good fit for me. Koorana believes all children have potential to learn and grow and all programs reflect that. Koorana is about creating an inclusive community for all abilities – and that’s a really good fit for me.’’

Caitlin High is the Early Childhood Early Intervention Inner West Coordinator at Koorana Child & Family Services.