All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

Preschoolers Finding their Voice

Everyday activities that enhance learning opportunities.

Learning occurs anywhere and everywhere, and we at Koorana, are experts at using children’s experiences in everyday activities and natural environments to enhance learning opportunities.


This picture would, generally, appear to most as an activity where a group of children are sitting with their educator playing with toy slinkies. However, for the children sitting in the group, these are the learning opportunities that they are experiencing:




1. The opportunity to practice talking with their peers, guided by an adult, about what they did on the weekend in a fun manner;

2. The opportunity to practice their motor skills and coordination by playing and balancing the weight of the slinkie from one hand to the other; and

3. The opportunity to practice focusing and attending to an activity – that is, presenting verbally an experience that happened in the past.

Opportunities to practice a skill helps a child get better and master that skill. When a child masters a skill, it becomes second nature and much easier for them to do, routinely. Practicing to talk with peers builds their social skills and communication abilities. Practicing motor and coordination builds on whole-body movements and helps with mobility, sport activities, and self-care activities. Further, using motor skills during an activity can help some children with being able to attend and focus on what they are doing which helps them to carry out the activity better than if they were not focused!


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