All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

The ECEI Approach put simply

Assisting children with developmental delay or disability

If you are confused as to how the ECEI Approach will assist your family, here are 3 basic steps to help you better understand how the service works.

Step 1: Who is it for?

The first thing to understand is that any child with a developmental delay or disability aged 0 - 6 years can access the ECEI Approach - and your child does not need a diagnosis. 

Step 2: What is the ECEI Approach? 

Families can contact Early Childhood Partners if they have concerns about their child's development or if concerns have been raised. Your Early Childhood Partner will provide you with information and local supports that will assist with the unique needs of your child, through the ECEI Approach. The Early Childhood Partner will provide short term assistance and guide you with the NDIS application, if it is needed.

Step 3: Who do you call?

You will find an extensive list of NSW ECEI providers here. You can also call Koorana Child and Family Services for assistance in the Inner West and South West areas of Sydney, NSW.

Koorana Child and Family Services Phone (02) 9750 4100 

You can also find more information about the ECEI Approach here