All Children, All Abilities, All Possibilities

Koorana Preschool Policies

                                Koorana Preschool Policies                                                                                        (under Regulation 168)                                                        


0.1 Preschool Policy Preface

Quality Area 1

1.1 Educational Program, learning and development

1.2 Use of Electronic Media


Quality Area 2

2.1 Medication

2.2 Incident, Injury, Trauma, Illness, Fever, Minor Ailments and First Aid 

2.3 Medical Conditions - Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes and other Medical Conditions

2.4 Child Safe Environments

2.5 Infection Control - Minimise Spread of Infection Diseases and Exclusion

2.6 Hand Washing

2.7 Nappy Changing and Toileting

2.8 Chemicals

2.9 Sun Protection

2.10 Nutrition, Dental Care and Food Safety

2.11 Guiding Children's Behaviour

2.12 Management of Critical Incidents 

2.13 Excursions

Koorana Child Protection Policy



Quality Area 3

3.1 Sustainability 


Quality Area 4

 Koorana Code of Conduct

4.2 Student and Volunteer Participation

 Also see Koorana Compliment and Complaint Handling Policy


Quality Area 5

5.1 inclusive Practice

Also see Koorana Code of Conduct


Quality Area 6

6.1 Authorised Contact person/Collection of children

Also see Policy 1.1

Also see Koorana Preschool and SIBS club admissions, enrolment, orientation and withdrawals policy


Quality Area 7

7.3 Governance, Management of records and confidentiality

Koorana Compliment and Complaint handling

Koorana Preschool Fees

Preschool and SIBS club admissions, enrolment, orientation and withdrawals