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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Service Update 

 Important Changes regarding our NDIS Services  

 27 March 2020


In the last few days there have been some important updates from the NDIA, which we want to share with you. We also want to update you on our current service offerings. The key points are:  

  1. The NDIA has introduced a 10% price increase on the services we provide;
  2. The NDIA has introduced changes to cancellation timeframes – the notice period is now 10 days and participants will incur the full charge if services are cancelled after 30 March 2020; 
  3. We are now offering all our NDIS services online;
  4. Please return a signed copy of the Amendment to Service Agreement to to enable ongoing service delivery.


NDIA Updates 

Changes to the NDIS price guide for particular service items 

  • Effective 25 March 2020, the NDIA will temporarily increase price limits for some supports.
  • These supports include:
    • Assistance with Daily Life (excluding Supported Independent Living)
    • Assistance with Social and Community Participation
    • Improved Health and Wellbeing (excluding personal training)
    • Improved Daily Living Skills
  • Visit the Price Guide page on the NDIS websitefor more detailed information about this temporary increase to price limits. 
  • Plan values will be increased to ensure children do not lose total hours of support as a result of this change.
  • Due to the increased cost of services, including personal protective equipment for our staff and costs of supporting our staff to work in the home environment, Koorana will be adopting the increased price limits temporarily until further notice. 
  • Please be assured that after the end of the Coronavirus situation, Koorana intends to return its prices to its normal rates.

Changes to the cancellation terms 

  • The NDIA have announced that effective 25 March, participants are now required to give 10 business days’ noticefor a cancellation of services. 
    • Note: Previously, participants were required to give 2 business days’ notice.
  • From 30 March, providers will be able to claim 100% of the agreed support price when a participant cancels a service at short notice.
    • Previously, providers could claim up to 90% for cancellation of a service at short notice.
  • Koorana is adopting these revised cancellation terms and they will apply to all sessions as of the date that the NDIA has noted. 

More information can be found on the NDIA website:


Koorana Online (previously called ‘tele-health’) 

To help protect your child and family’s health during the Coronavirus we have introduced Koorana Online  

  • Koorana Online is a new way of delivering intervention services through online tools such as video chat. 
  • Koorana Online means that your regular practitioner/s can see, talk and to interact with you and your child remotely. They will coach you in delivering services to your child.

What are the benefits?  

  • Most importantly, as individuals may be infected with Coronavirus and not know this, this method will help keep you and your family safe and well, as well as our practitioners.
  • Given it is expected that this risk will exist for up to six months, this will help you maintain your child’s momentum with their developmental plans and goals.  Stopping service is not recommended for children as this may impact their goals. 
  • Using Koorana Online will ensure you continue to use your child’s NDIS Plan. We expect high demand after the Coronavirus and cannot guarantee that unused hours can be ‘made up’ after this period. Keeping services going is the best way to ensure children still receive all the support they need. 

 What are others saying about this? Have other families used this?  

  • While this is an adjustment for all of us, many families are finding this to be a positive change to services. 
  • Many parents have said that this increases their confidence to support their children outside of their therapy session.

Can we have services delivered in our home or the community? 

  • No, not at this stage. It is important to Koorana that we protect everyone’s safety through this crisis. 
  • We encourage you to try Koorana Online before you make a decision. However, if you do choose not to proceed, we will be happy to add you to our waitlist and contact you again after Coronavirus. 


Please talk to your practitioner to discuss Koorana Online or contact Koorana on (02) 8321 9600 or email us at 


Please stay safe and well and keep your positive health strategies in place!